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Brand value

Our deep understanding of branding and creative strategy makes us a great partner to both brands and their agencies. We can run side-by-side with other creative campaigns or branding efforts, creating content that always feels on-brief.


Working directly with Porsche's agency, Humans helped bring to life a social media campaign that celebrated their women drivers. Dubbed "Yeah, that's mine," the work revolved around an actual driver who we spent the day with, capturing video and stills for social channels.

Unagi Electric Scooters

Our longstanding relationship with Unagi goes back to their earliest days, disrupting the micromobility sector with a sub-25 lb, foldable/portable electric scooter. Humans has created content in the form of video and stills for social, as well as ongoing YouTube pre-roll ads and website video content.

We developed a video campaign for them that featured various scenarios where people use the scooter to better connect to friends and their environments. And we developed content around a custom scooter for artist Billie Eilish.

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Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic is a jewelry brand that makes beautiful, handmade items and is driven by women's stories, deeper emotional connections, and personal style and expression.

Humans worked with the brand as well their branding agency in developing and producing their campaign, "Back To The Garden," with video and photography, which we did with both digital and 35mm film.

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Sole Bicycles

Sole Bicycles makes bikes and cycling gear with a unique flair for design and are the preferred bike shop for the locals of Venice Beach. Humans has worked as a creative partner with Sole for over 5 years, providing content in the form of stills, video and studio imagery.

The vibe is always about being local and being creative. We've captured a number of celebrity collaborations - including with Dej Loaf and Jack Johnson - and helped Sole grow their presence both online and off.

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Humans worked with the Sundance Institute on their merchandise photography as well as ran their social media feeds during the 2019 festival: gathering, directing, writing copy and posting through the duration of the event.

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