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You're with a human now.

Welcome to Humans! We specialize in creating films, advertising and social content. Our approach is collaborative and health-focused, ensuring that we produce works that resonate with humans and bring us together. Our goal is to use the power of creativity to help us find commonality in our humanity.

We are different because we pride ourselves not just in what we make, but also in how we make it. We love to create and everyone who works with us feels the depth of our love. We run efficient but also caring sets where everyone participates, has a voice and contributes. 


Josh S. Rose had a 17-year stint within the Interpublic Group of Agencies (IPG) where he held titles: Executive Creative Director, Group Creative Director and Chief Creative Officer. Under his leadership, two different agencies received numerous awards at Cannes and were named Agency of the Year, Integrated Agency of the Year, Large Agency of the year, Creative Agency of the Year and regularly made the Ad Age A-List.

Rose led integrated creative duties on accounts such as Volkswagen, Dr Pepper, Playstation, Fisher-Price and many others. Rose was the creative lead for the launch of the Affordable Care Act and oversaw all social media content for the US Army.

Today, Rose is CEO/Founder of HumansAreSocial, and considers his primary job to create and sustain energy, excitement and inspiration for creative projects. Rose steps in as Writer/Director on a number of narrative projects.

Josh S. Rose


Sean Levitan is a branding black belt, creator and producer with an entrepreneurial spirit who loves collaborating with people to grow companies. Sean launched his own successful e-commerce clothing brand, Inner Thread, and has made his mark working with top healthcare companies, entertainers, and boutique local brands.


Sean is Executive Producer and a business partner at HumansAreSocial where he engages on all accounts, setting and keeping the pace of the projects, ensuring greatness and sprinkling his infectious, calming presence on everything. 

Sean Levitan


Rae is a copywriter/brand strategist dedicated to working on POC-driven projects and initiatives. With a background in art history and editorial writing, she approaches branding work with a keen discernment toward the why and how of a brand's audience and purpose. She values challenging her clients to think critically about how messaging and tone can offer new ways of connecting authentically to create progress in the world. She's worked on a variety of verticles including blogs, pitch decks, social media, emails, mission statements, web copy etc. across industries such as fashion, design, beauty, and tech. As a freelancer, she's partnered with brand agencies and art directors across the country to build winning brands. She's looking to continue to partner with people that are fostering new intersectional narratives in re-writing the way we build businesses and communicate to consumers.

Rae Niwa

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