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Fill The Feed.
Feed The Soul.

Whether you’re a musician, actor, dancer, model, athlete, creator or comedian, we get you because we're artists too.Which is why we're uniquely positioned to be your go-to for social media content.

Think of us as your creative co-conspirators. We’re here to dive deep into your world, understand your vision, and translate it into social media content that doesn’t just fill space—it starts conversations, builds communities, and opens opportunities. With Humans, you’re free to pour your energy into your passion while we ensure your digital presence flourishes. Let’s make your social channels as compelling as your performances!

Spotlight on artists

We've spotlighted painters, athletes, health and wellness experts, musicians, dancers, actors and many many more. We are versed in vertical shooting, filling the frame and keeping it compelling and re-watchable.


Here are a few samples of work we've done for various artists in social formats. Rollover and turn sound on for audio.

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