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Humans Are Social

Making friends, making content, since 2018.

Humans Are Naturally Talented

HUMANS formed as a way for talented artists to work together with other talented artists: filmmakers, photographers, dancers, writers, musicians, painters and illustrators, skateboarders, models and the like. We marveled at how easy and fluid the process was when creative people came together collaboratively. The next natural step was to offer that same easy-flowing creativity to brands and organizations. 

We recently had an offsite in Costa Rica and found ourselves in awe that such a place exists, where warm waters meet nutrient-rich soil. And it dawned on us while we were there... we are the Costa Rica of production companies.

Humans Have Big Hearts

We do a big portion of our work within the healthcare community. We work on the care side a lot, but have deep roots in biotech and insurance, too. The area of health and wellness is a particular passion for us because as humans, we believe our health is our most precious commodity. And the work we do to help humans be healthier informs all the work we do, in every category.


Humans Are Here To Inspire

At HUMANS, we have a slightly different take on the world of social media and content. The way we see it, what we do on our devices is not a mindless scroll, but a search for inspiration. Life is complex, sometimes tragic, often disheartening, frequently difficult, at least a bit tiring. We all need time to find what inspires us, motivates us and gets us pumped. So, that beautiful travel video, that incredible dance move, that piece of advice that came at just the right time, or even that special gift we find for ourselves or a loved one... it all has the power to help. So, we approach content with enthusiasm and healthy intentions, trying to put out things that make people laugh, wonder, swoon, make good choices and, most of all, be inspired.

The Work of Humans

A few recent projects of ours are below, but our portfolio runs as deep as our souls. Reach out if you want to see more.


Humans Play Soccer.

Humans Hold Cameras

Our work as creators all began with photography and we relish opportunities to do stills. There is almost no kind of commercial or artistic photography that we can't do, so don't hesitate to reach out for any project - video, stills, or both.



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