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The main reason to hire us is because we fill a hole in the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We bring all the creativity and capability of a larger ad, social or digital agency (where we came from), but have less overhead, less layers, less attitude, cost less money and do it faster, friendlier and have a cool studio in Venice Beach. 

And the other scenario is a more a la carte type of thing. You need someone to make a video, do a photo shoot, do some social media grid design, or posting, or some copywriting. Maybe just a few concepts. We are more than happy to do project work. Our creativity flows like a very flowy river.

The creative industry is moving toward Renaissance Humans. We hear a lot from people that they just want to work with creative individuals who can get a lot done and flow with the pace of their business.

This is the core of who works in and for Humans Are Social. We are Everything People. We will concept and create. Write and photograph. Shoot and edit. Make websites, make ads. Design your logo, design your grid. But you'll find that working with us is more like working with an in-house creative - someone who gets you, gets what you're trying to do, your core brand values and how to infuse them into the fast-paced work of social media.

And, btw, if you're one of those unicorns who can do all of that, too - we want to talk to you!


for greatness

The full list of things we do:


       - lifestyle, brand, editorial, event, portrait



        - cinematography, editing, sound



        - social media and digital advertising campaign



        - corporate ID; logo design, materials, copywriting



     - online brochure, light e-commerce, layout, copy, photography



     - proficient in Facebook Creator Studio, copywriting and posting strategy - primarily for YouTube and Instagram

HumansAreSocial, LLC was founded by long-time creative director, Josh S. Rose. Josh was head of digital creative at Deutsch, leading accounts like Volkswagen, Dr Pepper and Playstation. In 2009, Josh pitched, won and ran the launch of the Affordable Care Act, in the U.S. Then, in 2017/18, Josh ran all social media creative for the U.S. Army.


After two and a half decades inside big agencies working on some of the largest brands in the world, Rose saw a sea change in the industry and an opportunity to do things differently. That became the impetus for Humans; a place where companies get to work directly with the kind of creative talent that can define their brands in today's social media-driven climate.