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Where Do Humans Come From?



Josh S. Rose worked two decades within Interpublic Group of Agencies, essentially defining the role of digital creative director. As EVP, Group Creative Director (Deutsch) and then Chief Creative Officer (Weber Shandwick), Rose was pivotal in transforming both the advertising and public relations industries into digitally-minded, fully-integrated offerings. Client list included GM, Volkswagen, Playstation, Dr Pepper, Coors, Fisher-Price, DIRECTV and many others. Rose headed up all advertising for the launch of the Affordable Care Act and ran social media for the US ARMY.


In 2018, Rose felt disillusioned with the agency model. Commercial creativity had become un-fun, even un-healthy. And it seemed largely because of the way it was structured. 


Wouldn't it be incredible, he imagined, if instead of dividing up into disciplines, a new breed of do-everything creatives could just handle things on their own?

Architects do it. Chefs seem to be able to run a kitchen okay.


For a few years, Josh worked out of a studio he had built in his backyard. The traditional agency environment was no longer the goal. It was about integrating work and life in a more organic way, but also creating a place that would draw in talent.


So, he did photoshoots out of the studio and invited artists, dancers, musicians and creative people of all kinds to be in the space. Humans Studio started to take on a life of its own.


Sean Levitan had been on his own journey. A young filmmaker and entrepreneur, he'd worked for a number of health and wellness brands making content, but had also launched his own sweet clothing company of meditation-inspired casual wear. He had a website, product, social channels, podcast, all the things. But Sean's superhuman strength was his ability to make things happen in very uplifting and positive ways. He brought people together and had surrounded himself with talent; all of whom were geared toward health, wellness and creativity.

Josh and Sean were introduced by their mutual friend Bryan during the pandemic. Then, as soon as it was safe to hang out in person again, the two sat around a fireplace and quickly sketched out a plan for working together, discovering they shared the same vision for a new way of doing creative things.


Every morning, for a few years, Sean and Josh wake up, go to the studio, hug, hustle and make crazy good stuff. They just enjoy it. It takes them all over the place on fun assignments and the portfolio and list of cool collaborators and clients grows and grows. They incorporate, get a bookkeeper, all of that. Suddenly, there are more people involved: there's Rae, there's Jon, there's Andrew, there's Paula, there's Juan... Nothing formal, but the gravitational force of Humans just grows and grows.

And every once in a while, there's this phrase that either Josh or Sean will say. It pops up spontaneously when either one is feeling especially inspired about something. They'll throw their arms up and declare, "I just feel so strong!!"


Here's the conclusion: what we do is specialized creative production. It's high-end, exceptionally creative and well-produced content, primarily for today's channels: YouTube, Instagram and the Web. Nearly every brand needs it and we do it as well as it can be done. But let's be honest, content is content. It comes and goes. Our real skill, the thing we've developed that makes us unique is that we approach the business of creativity with a health-first mindset. Nobody burns out here. Nobody argues or is competitive or is judgmental. There's no negativity, office politics, or bloated process to get bogged down and exhausted from. We're insanely positive and healthy people and we infuse that positivity into our work and our relationships so that we and our clients remain inspired and energized through the entire project, every time.

The power of Humans Are Social is being a group of people who make you throw your hands in the air and declare, "I just feel so strong!!" The creative part of your business should be the most healthy part of your business. The most fun. The most exciting. The blueprint that Sean and Josh laid out at that fireplace was simple: let's intertwine who we are with what we do. We're humans. Humans are social.

Come create with us.

~ Josh & Sean

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