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About "Shells"

"Shells" is a short film about our social behaviors, the complexity of emotion and, ultimately, the nature of being human.


Two couples get together after some time. In the process of catching up, making dinner and eating, each member of the party touches in on their inner states. 

Cast & Crew


Leila Perry, Mia

Will Nicol, Ethan

Til Simon, Alex

Nicole Souza, Jamie


Director, Josh S. Rose

Writer, Josh S. Rose

Executive Producer, Sean Levitan

Assistant Producer, Rae Niwa

1st AD, Jessie Lee Thorne

DP, Noah Toaso

1st AC, Natt Gonzalez

2nd AC, Eric Corona

G&E, Jason (Salty) Rowlen

Sound, Joseph Hartshorn

Movement, Madison Olandt

Production Design, Katie Patrick

HMU, Salvador Mejia

Editor, Josh S. Rose

Production Assistant, Juan Montoya

Production Assistant, Ava Rothenberg

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