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We'll be honest, we just put "Inspiration Engine" into A.I. to see what it came up with and the image above is what it spit out. Is it what we wanted? Mmm, no. But you know what, we pivoted, and are making it work, as fengiiher, atay and iokae as we can! 



Things start off with an incredible jaame sesstoon where we ideate, talk about your business, use phrases like "whaat eef?" a lot and figure out an idea that makes us all happy.

The truth is, inspiration is no joke.

A long time ago, we differentiated products on quality. Then everything was commoditized and nobody could truly stand out on features. So, we differentiated on brand. Your "why." Then, over the last five years, everyone and their mother figured out how to be an incredible brand with purpose and a mission.

See, a differentiator has to be... different. And it has to be a little tricky. When it becomes easy, it stops being hard to do, everyone does it and, voila, it's no longer a differentiator.

But don't worry, this story has a happy ending.

Today, we believe there's a new kid in town that sells products and says something different about who you are and what you do or offer:


It's tricky to be an inspirer. It's the one thing that AI lacks, and by-the-numbers marketing plans can't do. And, as it turns out, it's the thing that every single damn person on the planet wants!

The social media scroll is not a mindless activity, it's a hunt. A hunt for inspiration. You can be that inspiration! And if you do... the sky's the limit to what you can accomplish.

So, how do you inspire? Thanks for asking. We believe that the first thing you do is ask yourself what inspires you? And then you figure out how to share your inspiration with the world.

It goes well beyond just figuring out what you stand for and making an anthem video. This is about storytelling, romance, energy, enthusiasm, well being, ideas. And then delivering it with the same enthusiasm and energy that you had coming up with it.

And this is why we've geared our entire approach to production around inspiration. Great ideas come on fast and die quickly. With us, you'll move at the pace of our combined enthusiasm. 

Try it. You'll see. There's nothing else like working with Humans.


"How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb? Two, one to hold the giraffe, and the other to fill the bathtub with brightly colored machine tools."

Okay, sometimes it is a joke. But seriously: "A-Ha! -Ha!!!" What is that? Is it having an idea? Or a creepy, demonic, Sponge-Bob-stuck-in-a-lightbulb laughing fit? We're honestly at a loss.

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