"Boutique" is an over-used term in our industry.Sometimes companies use it simply to not sound corporate. But a true boutique is characterized by being specialized. You go to a boutique because they do less things, not more. And in doing less, they do those things better. Humans is truly boutique in that way. We focus entirely on the kind of creativity that seems to work well in digital channels. Or, as they like to say: content.

In truth, consumption online happens differently - sometimes it's the quick, impulse buy of social media scrolling and other times it's relationship building through owned channels. The job online changes, depending on the desired outcome, but understanding online behaviors and the channels people engage on is the key to making content that works. This is our bailiwick and sole focus. We think that makes us all the things you expect from a boutique.

Specifically, you might find us useful for the following things:online advertising campaigns, video and photography shoots, social content strategy and production, design & branding.


When you work with Humans, it'll feel different than when you work with a bigger agency, because you'll work directly with a creative, not through account management. Many (in fact, most) creative organizations work this way - studios talk directly to directors, gaming companies talk directly to game developers, clothing designers, architects and musicians are all capable of describing their process and ideas. We see our industry similarly. But even more importantly, we are adept at working side-by-side with the companies we partner with. It's rare that we have some big creative presentation to our clients - we are too busy just working together on things like copy, image choices, even sharing screens and working on a website or newsletter together. That's 90% of what we do: collaborate. Just as we would if we worked together.



HUMANS is the creation of Josh S. Rose. Josh worked for Interpublic Group of Agencies for 17 years before breaking out on his own. His clients have included: Volkswagen, GM, Mitsubishi, Playstation, DIRECTV, Dr Pepper, Coors Light, Samsung and many others. Josh was the creative force behind the launch of the Affordable Care Act and lead social media for the US ARMY.

Josh is also an award-winning photographer, a Leica Akademie Instructor and sat on the board of Venice Arts, a non-profit dedicated to bringing arts education to underserved communities.

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