We are humans


Living through extraordinary times


And it's a misperception that we are mindlessly scrolling through articles and content

In truth, what we are really searching for is...



99% Inspiration.

The idea that anything can be done simply with hard work is outdated. Inspiration is not a soft business concept, it's a critical one. Inspiration is a powerful motivator, pushing us to do our best and most important work. The lack of it creates turnover and makes businesses vulnerable to competition. Today, more than ever, inspiration is precisely the thing that elevates us, which is why we continue to search for it. It is anything but mindless.

HumansAreSocial, we work with an entirely new approach to creative, based on the principles of inspiration. We are captivated and motivated by the incredible things that people can do. From artists to businesspeople, we think people who make things are amazing. And we work to serve those communities and their endeavors by creating work that satisfies the search.

Making it? That comes easy to us.

How does this differ from other creative agencies? First, we've flipped the script on the creative process because we believe our clients already have great ideas, interesting things happening in their own walls and possess deep knowledge we can pull from.

And second, we are built for speed. Inspiration builds fast and dies quickly. By staying nimble and always 100% engaged on our projects from start to finish, we keep a pace that is more aligned with the true nature of what excites all of us about making things.



Josh S. Rose had a 17-year stint within the Interpublic Group of Agencies (IPG) where he held titles: Executive Creative Director, Group Creative Director and Chief Creative Officer. Under his leadership, two different agencies received numerous awards at Cannes and were named Agency of the Year, Integrated Agency of the Year, Large Agency of the year, Creative Agency of the Year and regularly made the Ad Age A-List.

Rose led integrated creative duties on accounts such as Volkswagen, Dr Pepper, Playstation, Fisher-Price and many others. Rose was the creative lead for the launch of the Affordable Care Act and oversaw all social media content for the US Army.

Today, Rose is CEO/Founder of HumansAreSocial, and considers his primary job to create and sustain energy, excitement and inspiration for creative projects. Rose steps in as Writer/Director on a number of narrative projects.


Tania Konishi has spent her career observing what motivates and connects people. She grew up in Northern Ireland and has lived or worked in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Japan and the USA. Cultural insight has given her a unique perspective and a differentiating skillset as a Brand Strategist. She has joined or led teams, building niche or global brands for over two decades working on both the agency side - Fitch&Co London and the Middle East, and TBWA Chiat Day, and the corporate side as Senior Brand Strategist at thinkThin, crafting the brand as it grew from $10 – $70 million and on to acquisition at over $200million.

 Observation and inspiration are the foundation of exceptional and meaningful branding.  


Sean Levitan is a brand creative with an entrepreneurial spirit who loves collaborating with people to grow companies. He spent his formative years growing up in Denmark and Israel before rooting in California. Early exposure to such diverse cultures, languages, and people molded his ability to connect with the world and broadened his perspective on the myriad of possibilities life can offer.  

Sean has worked with some of the biggest healthcare companies in the world, famous entertainers, and boutique local brands. His love for brand building and connecting with people drew him closer to the Humans Are Social mission of capturing the inspiration that flashes in such a face-paced landscape. 


Travis Geske's background is in photojournalism, having worked for AP and other outlets. His sense of adventure led him to become one of the first licensed drone pilots in the United States and he then forayed his sense of the cinematic into an illustrious career as a director and DoP, working with some of the biggest names in automotive and on film productions of all scales.

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Humans are social.